Rock climbing

The pearls of Valle di Mello

following the "Sassisti" routes

Everyone who loves climbing has heard about the great routes opened in the 70s and 80s by the local climber, here called "sassisti".
These elegant climbing routes, still wrapped in a halo of legend, offer a real adventurous opportunity: reach the walls walking along short paths in the shadow of enormous beeches, following perfect cracks, passing over smooth granite plaques, finding sparkling crystals and "black mushrooms", reaching those ledges of luxuriant vegetation that, like real hanging gardens, are far from the world of men.

Spring and Autumn are the perfect seasons to venture up here!

Il Risveglio di Kundalini, Luna Nascente, Oceano Irrazionale, Polimagò, Oracoli di Ulisse, Albero delle Pere, Piedi di Piombo, Cattoalcolisti are some of the best...

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